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26th - 30th September 2023

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'Thought provoking and often moving....'

There are thought to be over 3 million Chinese Uyghur Muslims who have been forced into the so called 'Rehabilitation Camps' in China.

Ex inmates tell of torture, rape and brainwashing, as the Chinese authorities try to steer the Uyghur people away from their culture and their religion.

'Thought Virus’ is a play loosely based on the true story of a famous male Chinese Uyghur Model, who, after finding fame in Beijing, ends up in a Chinese Detention Centre. After being released, he is re-arrested and sent to a so-called Rehabilitation Camp. The play follows his journey and the people he encounters on that journey, the betrayal and loss he endures and the impact on his family, along with their every day struggles living as a minority in modern day Communist China.​

The play had an initial read through in June 2022 at the Arts Educational School in London and a further Spotlight Cast development read through at The Seven Dials Playhouse in October 2022.

Original music is by Jacob Bride and Mert Degirmendereli.

The World Premiere of 'Thought Virus' was staged at London's Drayton Arms Theatre in September, directed by Jason Moore. The run sold out.

To follow the ongoing journey of this exciting, controversial new piece of theatre, follow us on Instagram @thoughtvirus


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